Saturday, December 25, 2010

Group Shots - Vikings (Chap Mei)

When it comes to action figures... everybody likes group shots! So it´s time to show the lineups, starting with the Vikings theme from Chap Mei!

Heroes and villains!

A wonderful theme, filled with mythology!

King Harald

 Oxhead Toki

Wolf Ingmar

Monster Gunnar

 Longtooth Siguard

Bearskin Jarl

Status: Available figures



  1. This is really a great line from Chap Mei, its to bad it was only available overseas and never showed up at retail in North America (at least that I have never heard of)

  2. You´re right, and it´s probably the most known issue about CM. But since their target is children and not collectors per se, the retail prices they´d be forced to push would be too much. That´s probably the main thing.


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