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Deep Sea Adventure Marine Animal Playset - Sawfish

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not a Sawshark, but SawFISH, from the family of rays. Comes in this nice small playset with deep sea diver, Copperhead

Part of a wonderful line of small sets, this one, just like many other CM playsets, is worth having.  

Included items.

Included accessories. (Copperhead accessories not shown here, since they´re part of the actual figure). Gun is originally a vehicle-mounted one.

Rescue and Exploration Mission deep sea diver, Copperhead.

Some details on this figure. Both hand accessories can be attached. Hammer in his utility belt, and metal detector, (with a peg) connects to this left leg.

Animal: Sawfish. Impressive creature and accurately built and molded.

Holding its back, and pressing the right fin, the front moves right. This is a very cool figure. Not only it looks like the actual fish, the painting is awesome.

Status: Unavailable

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