Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Group Shots - Dino Valley

An earthquake in Africa opens the “Gates of Dino Valley,” wherein dinosaurs have survived the aeons in hiding. The beasts escape...

To hunt them is the evil scientist Dr. Skinnybones McButt and his wicked helpers Max Warthog and Dirty Dan Dee. King Zulu, whose society has known about Dino Valley for 10,000 years but kept it secret, seeks to drive off the villains. He’s assisted by WARS, the Wild Animal Rescue Squad, manned by Chief Running Bear and Alex Aqua. 

 Dr. Skinnybones McButt

Max Warthog

  Dirty Dan Dee

 King Zulu

Chief Running Bear

 Alex Aqua

Available: figures


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  1. I have these toys. Most still in their original boxes. They are really fun. I got them at Kay Bee Toys. I miss that store.


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