Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BIG builder Bulldozer 300615 Playset

Today we have yet another BB set. The last of the 3 vehicles, the Bulldozer.

View of all contents.

Accessories view.

The wheel cart is interesting, but too much detail on it, I believe.

The "Dozer". Much like a "Bobcat" bulldozer.

The action feature is pretty smooth, like the other 2 BB vehicles.

You can get all sorts of working positions with it.

"How to"...
The cabin has smooth looks, and has this cool handles. My guess is for the driver to get in and out of the cabin. Not sure, it just makes sense.

A good fit for any RAH figure.

Scale shot.
The figures: Cracka Jakk and Steel Head Mike

Status: Unavailable


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuSeptember 16, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    From the pictures I've seen so far in 5 years of collecting. The Big Builders from Chap Mei is their most detailed line. Some of the other sets like Police vs Bad Guyz, Police Force, Dino Valley, Ninja Force and so one, have always lacks on paints of vehicles and figures here seems like things were taken serious.

    Unfortunely I didn't have any of the BB sets =(

  2. You´re absolutely right, Luís. The detail is amazing, and I daresay it may have dictated the premature end of this line. Too expensive(?).

    Btw, "ToneGuns", thank you for your support and comments. You rock!


  3. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuSeptember 18, 2009 at 3:05 AM


    I'll be always supporting great initiatives like yours on sharing pictures and knowledge of toys, So we, future buyers, can do it with more confidence or just pass some sets.

    And I made a publicity of your site at I'm always there and sure that some friends will pass here t see your work.


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