Sunday, September 13, 2009

Auchan´s Military Force

Today we have a special treat. 2 in one. Meaning we´ll review 2 sets in one entry. All because a) they were opened and b) they have common items.

One of the most surprisingly aspects of these sets, were the weapons. Finally, a decent size.

Also, the Special Ops hats are very cool, since they come off.

And fit (some) joe and CM figures.

As the weapons. You gotta love that M60!

These belong to one of the sets (let´s call it #1).

The walls are inter-lockable. And since we got 2 sets, we got 4 walls. Nice!

Check the size. Not bad.

The motorbikes are very customizable, mostly due to their vintage style.

They may go well with a side-car.

Although the figure´s hand are not attached (to save thumb´s health), with a little effort, they would fit without breaking. Hmm, as I´m writing, I´m thinking the Dreadnoks will inherit these babies.

Set#1 came with this cool jet over-grown jet ski. The gun emplacement is absolutely brilliant.

The M60´s sight is broken off, but it´s here somewhere, unless the "black hole" claimed it.

Shot with Auchan´s figures.

... and our very own american hero. Reminds me of the Trouble Bubble. I know most of you guys understand why. Thing is, if you want an idea for an outboard gun emplacement, this is IT!

Another curious aspect. Apparentely, in another life, this vehicle had batteries.

Removing the screw, will surely reveal more...

Here we go, I´m guessing a 9V engine...

See the hole for the shaft ?

It won´t be a jet ski next time you´ll see it...

The rudder... it´s funny how these retailer groups always find a way to make money out of wasted toys. Fortunantely, I may add.

So this is the main common aspect on these sets (let´s call the other set#2). The humvee. At this point, I have to reveal my opinion about customizing and you´ll understand why. When it comes to G.I.Joe, and if you look back to 1982, the vehicles were very detailed, with lots of things in their sculpt. However, they did have the attention not to overdo it. Per example, you may get tubes and lamps in a vehicle´s hardtop, but they won´t paint them. That was the balance they found. And I think its brilliant. And in the realm of that concept, so is this hummer.
Great detail. And the headlights are clear.

This gatling gun with shield is beautiful.

M60 mount in the back.

The whole set kicks serious ass.

Rear shot. By the way, when this was purchased, there were very, very few humvees out there. I remember we had THE CORPS, you know the one with high suspension, G.I.Joe HAMMER, if you consider it a hummer, there was a matchbox camo version (soon to come here, in fact) and one from the Robocop series.

So when we got this one (or better put, these) ... it was a party!

Doors came complete with side rear view mirror (and it´s moveable).

A better shot on the subject.

The hummer tires. I have never seen this kind of track. Well, that also makes it unique.

Open hatches, one for the gatling, one for the grenade launcher (or TOW missile launcher).

Figure´s hand fits perfectly. As the figure itself does.

Grenade/ TOW missile launcher system.

Manning the M60 light machine gun.

Basically, the same accessories, varies with the number of drums and tanks. Also comes with the Hummer (pictured 2 shots above)

The bike is also different. This one´s more like a 90´s Honda Transalp.

Not bad, though.

The howitzer is very well made, actually. And the detail is impressive.

Beats early 80´s RAH one... ore maybe not.

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuSeptember 13, 2009 at 3:38 AM

    I liked the bikes and the building parts. Some great compliments for the Joes in the Battlefield.

  2. Hello,

    I have the Hummer set from several years ago and I even forget about the manufacturer or the items included, so I thank you for the useful information that you've provided about it.

    I've noticed a difference in the Hummer though, mine has a motor and sound effects that can be activated thru two buttons in the side of the vehicle. The truck can run and making battle sounds. The batteries and motor are in the bulge that you can notice between the back doors. The strange kind of rubber track of the tires are to give a good drive to them.

    Your blog is very interesting!

  3. I have this set to and mine is motorized to. The jet ski is motorized as well. I always thought their M60 was the best 1/18 scale one ever made. Thanks for the review!!

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! And it really helps understanding some details. We´ll update the reviews accordingly. If you would, send an email with your name so we can give you kudos for your help!

    Thanks again!

  5. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuSeptember 18, 2009 at 3:08 AM

    I know this guys who comented, they came from, at east one of them. I let there your link =).


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