Thursday, September 3, 2009

Auchan´s Police Force SWAT units

The 3 assorted styles today presented were distributed by Auchan (French retail group) some years ago in Europe. As you will see, they are largely based on chap mei´s figures and vehicles. However, we are not seeing 2nd class copies at all. These are the same quality as Chap Mei stuff.

Long before Chap Mei substituted the attack helicopter floaters for skids, this one already got that change.

The boat has its perks, but it will take major customizing since the cabin is closed.

The armored car is also extremely tempting. And a lot more easy to modify.

Before we get into a more detailed review on each (in a couple of days), the back of the boxes (there are 3 different vehicles) show the vehicle´s capabilities.

Status: Unavailable


  1. The figures looks like bootlegs figures, but for sure they can be used in a dio. And the vehicles are simple and cool.

    I would add them to my Urban Forces and be happy =). However I'm waiting for the detailed review you promissed.

  2. They looks very cool, I wish I have that in my collection.

  3. They are pretty cool, Auchan used to release some sets every Xmas, but they stopped a couple of years ago. Especially because they started buying the chinese Chap Mei bootlegs!!!


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