Friday, November 9, 2012

Dino Valley 2012 Parasaurolophus

Dino Valley (series 4) came with the usual small sets of dino+figure. All reissues unfortunately for some, fortunately for other collectors who didn´t get the chance to add them to their collection before.

The Parasaurolophus with one of the brand new 2012 DV "riders".

MIB, Chap Mei 2012

Accessories: Weapons case, size S. Detachable.

Figure: Unnamed figure 3. Other than the head and chestplate color, the same mold of the previously seen

Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus. A repaint of the original dino. 

Action: Press the button and it moves head down.

Status: Available


  1. Again i just love the bright colors with this toys.

  2. @jboypacman: Yeah, they are making some twists and turns and somehow making the "old" stuff originally "new". Those new figures beg for articulation, though...
    @hobgoblin238: Which series were released there?

  3. give me an offer on the gun case


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