Monday, August 1, 2011

Star Wars Legacy Collection Snowtrooper

2009 brought Star Wars fans a great number of remakes. Imperial forces got some of the best!

The Snowtroopers are one of my favorite creations from the Star Wars saga. From the very first to pretty much every and single variation of the 3 3/4" scale.

2009 Legacy Collection Snowtrooper. Almost perfect!

Included accessories. Backpack, blaster and Droid.Factory part, the leg for HK-50!

Figure: Snowtrooper. "Specially trained for combat that takes place in extreme climates, they wear overgarments to help contain heat and tractioned boots to grip slipping terrain".

"Snowtroopers sweep across Hoth in an agressive assault on the Rebel Alliance´s base".

 Altough probably designed to near accurate, the E-11 seems too small for a... let´s face it, toy. The previous model from POTF2 figures seems cool, BUT an in-between scale could be just perfect.

 Left image with the POTF2 E-11, right image with the one packed with this "Legacy" figure. Can´t wait to see this figure on the Hoth Diorama!

Status: Unavailable


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