Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Star Wars Legacy Collection AT-AT Driver

Another great Imperial figure from the Star Wars saga is the AT-AT Driver. Its short screen time caught fans eye and since the vintage 1980 figure, this character has been one of the greatest releases from Kenner/ Hasbro.

2009 Legacy Collection figure comes with a removable helmet, and a great overall look.

The massive AT-AT walkers need skilled drivers to handle them efficiently in battle. AT-AT drivers are experts at operating these ground assault vehicles to keep them moving over rough terrain while pounding their targets with laser cannon fire.

Included accessories and parts. E-11 blaster and Droid.Factory HK-50 part (torso).

Figure: AT-AT Driver. Yet another great remake of this Empire Strikes Back character.

Attention to detail and the excellent helmet sculpt.

Since we tested the POTF2 E-11 on the Legacy Collection Snowtrooper, it´s only fair to test the original vintage one!

Status: Unavailable


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