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Lego 6675 - Road & Trail 4 x 4

Saturday, August 6, 2011

 A classic Legoland Town set from 1988 and one of my personal favorites, the "monster truck"!

Back when Lego decided to included Lego Technic parts in their Legoland sets, this was a winner. Balanced, cool colors and functional, it was quite a car!

1988 was arguably one of Lego´s best years. All themes had quality boosts and memorable sets.

Included parts.

The only problem I ever found with this set was the fact both axles were independetly constructed, so they could snap off when going over obstacles. Other than that, great vehicle!

Figure: Lego minifig "trucker". 

Status: Available for trade. Mint, loose with box, no instructions.


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