Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zoids2 - Zoidzilla

Probably the most iconic Zoid, the most stunning and fearsome looking, the Gojulas

While it had lots of versions in Japan, this European 1996 release was the 2nd, for Zoids2, and always a winner!

TOMY, 1996. European box.

1/72 scale, complex assembly with many fragile connections. When done, a beauty!

This is the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Zoid world. When assembled it reaches the height of 28cm (11in).

... its arms and head move and its mighty feet leave a path of destruction...

A terrifying sight to all its enemies...

Especially when a sinister and bright green glow sparkles from its cold eyes and fang filled mouth. 2 "AA" batteries are needed for the cockpit/mouth light.

2 "C"size batteries are needed for its incredible locomotion.

On/Off switch and motor view. This Zoid weights around 1Kg(2.2lbs)! While the box promotes it as easy to build, it is not that easy, and certainly not for a child. In the end, every minute was well spent!

Squeezing claws on movable arms.

Only one "Mind Rider Pilot". And sits between the eyes of the mightiest Zoid!

14in (36cm) from nose to its heavily armed tail...

Zoidzilla, Gojulas... has left the biggest footprint ever in Zoid world. The most amazing machine in the battlefield.

Status: On eBay soon


  1. The whole line is great, but this like you said, is awesome. Well, ultrasaurus is one half step behind

  2. This was the biggest Zoid I had, and my favourite, although he couldn't stand too well after I broke the tail weight off... :'( Thanks for posting this, it's great to see ol' Zoidzilla in all his glory!

  3. @Joe Burden: My pleasure, I´m glad you like it. Yes, the tail keeps the balance of the whole mighty thing, and I´m getting a vid ready to show it properly... well, a little better, nothing makes justice to this beast, just holding it or knowing how it looks first hand! Thanks for the comment!

  4. True, this is the best zoid that have existed and is one of my favorites, I did remember as a child and played with my zoidzilla.


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