Saturday, November 20, 2010

P.H.X. Heroes Emergency Team

 Available since 2009, this set could be found in Auchan retail stores.

Not as clean and original as the Auchan exclusives we already had the opportunity to review, this set seems to have inlcluded some bootleg versions of accessories and parts.

Included items.

Included accessories.

Included figures.

A great item from this set, a 4x4. One, if not THE greatest part of it. Perfectly fits 2 "Joes" and who knows... you can put "Law & Order" in this one...

Initially, when looking at the whole set, I suspected this one to be a direct copy of the SWAT helicopter. But it isn´t.

Detail shots. It includes electronic SFX.

Pretty cool aircraft, but has its limitations. A nice 80s cartoon-styled toy. 

Raft is definitely part of a bigger (read complete) vehicle. Strange looking thing. It shows signs of weapon emplacements, but they are not included

Another interesting find for diorama purposes. The cannon is a bootleg version of the one find in a Buddy L vehicle, which may leave open the possibility of the whole tower being a copy of some other line.

Status: Available for trade

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  1. Lu√≠s Galileu "ToneGuns" TonelliNovember 22, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    It's a nice sort of vehicles to have.


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