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G.I.Joe 15th anniversary Cobra Rage

Marking the return of (better) quality and as TRU exclusives, a small series of 3 3/4" G.I.Joe was launched in 1997. Within it, the urban crusher vehicle, RAGE. One of the most used images in the DIC animation series, and one of the best vehicles when "Joes" quality was dropping at a scary pace.

Hasbro-Kenner decided to put some muscle on the painting side of their 1997 vehicles and while most figures were poorly made, the included Alley Viper was very decent.

So a cool repaint was out. And Rage was (and still is) one of the most sought-after sets of the 15th "gold series". Made especially for collectors.

Originally released in 1990, with... DIC colors, the 1997 version was darker, and probably more Cobra-like. Filled with weaponry and offensive capabilities.

Mines could be dropped, turret elevated and gatling cannons exposed. Platforms for figures now had a silver color.

The interior had some redish touches and silver was also present inside the engine parts.

The 1990 Cobra Rage was one of my favorite vehicles. And I´m still undecided on which looks better.

They even look great together.

Included, came a new Alley Viper. The 4th version was created with molds or previous figures with a darker look from its new color scheme.

Shield with a clip to hold onto its wrist and a G.I.Joe Dial-Tone figure weapon, also came with a stand.

Cobra SWAT.

Original 1989 Alley Viper and 1997 version.

1997 Cobra Rage and driver are not easy to get, they´re usually top-dollar items.

Figure: Alley Viper, v.4 - No originally backpack included.

And as a side note, if you´re looking for a substitute for the original 1989 Alley Viper backpack, keep your eyes out for Chap Mei´s backpacks. CM based many designs on popular lines and G.I.Joe was a main "inspiration"...

Not exactly a copy, they fit perfectly and scale is perfect also. They come in a variety of colors from bright yellow to olive green.

Status: Unavailable


  1. The 1997/1998 vehicles were simply great overall.

    Overall, the 1990 Rage remained my favorite, the blue on the TRU tanks came out a little too light in color...., a darker blue or the more crimson red of the original would be my preference.

    But then the TRU had so many more paint details, as you mentioned.

    What a cool vehicle, too. The Rage is so low to the ground and the wide wheeled stance distributes the "real" weight of this armored vehicle so it can go many places.

    The elevating weapons, deploy-able mines, and ability to stand several troops all over it makes it a fun toy!

    Have you had a chance to get a Cobra Fury? It seemed like that was an in and out vehicle, never even found one to try here.

  2. Hey there anonymous :)

    Still no Fury, I´ll get it someday since I do love the Urban assault vehicles and Rage as I mentioned is a personal favorite, although I´m not very attracted to the modern GIJoe releases. BUT...

    As for the wheel design, I was amazed how cool it looked and how well it ran.

  3. It is a great wheel design, I agree. I read many comments on forum boards praising the Cobra Fury wheel change, and that's another persons cup of tea, but the Rage in its original form is simply very good design in my view.

  4. Yep cool vehicle. I didn't like the paper stickers on any of those late 90's TRU releases though as the artwork and designs are poor imho. For that reason alone my '97 rage is rarely used.

    The Alley Viper backpack has been cropping up recently here in Ireland in CM Knock Offs. I have some in od green and tan. Because they are ko's they have some easily removable flashing and are moulded a little smaller than the original which i think is actually an improvement. Cant complain for a euro or two with a few figs, considering we have no new joe product on this side of the Atlantic. Foolish HASBRO - great new film no joes.

    John - Ireland.

  5. Hey John, great insight! No retaliation joes there too?

  6. The cobra rage is one of those vehicles that stood the test of time. I got mine in 1990 and it still looks like new. doesn't even show dust.


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