Thursday, January 1, 2009

More about this blog

This growing collection of images stands as a result of 25 years gathering and collecting of thousands of toys.

All these are, or were somewhere in time, part of this big, unique collection.

It took a long planning on how to present them all here via blog, and there will be constant additions, so be sure to make this visit your first of many.

Having been raised in a time who fortunately seen the best toy lines birth, we ended up having a load of different toys from different brands.

The backbone of this collection is GIJoe "A Real American Hero", and everything in which they fit. A somewhat small percentage of what we are bound to show here is already available for your viewing pleasure, but you will see lots and lots more and some really neat pictures of them in action. Videos will come soon! This brings us to our next point... your part in all this.

What do you want to see better ? Let us know. Pick an item and we´ll do our best to make it our next blog entry in a greater detail of its predecessor. Be part of it!

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